A Terrebonne shrimp story

by Wilson J. Gaidry, III

In my lifetime, shrimp and the shrimp fishery defined the Cajun people in Louisiana coastal communities more than any other factor.

It was the ambition of every young boy to own and operate a shrimp boat. There was an air of adventure, of challenge and honor to participate in the fishery, pride in the ownership of their boat and the self-reliance of a personal business.

To give someone some fresh shrimp to cook or a young man bringing some fresh shrimp to his parents was about like bringing them gold.

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Saving the Shrimp
1. Camanada
2. Fourpoint
Bayou du Large
3. Bayou
du Large
The Captain Atlas
4. The Captain Atlas
The steel hulls
5. The steel hulls
Four daughters
6. Four daughters
The low pressure
7. The low pressure
Over capitalization
8. Over capitalization
Private fisheries
9. Private fisheries
The Fiberglass Skimmer Net Skiff
10. The Fiberglass Skimmer
Net Skiff
Saving the Shrimp
11. Right to fish