Twin Creek Farm

Hurricane seasons in Louisiana between 2005 and 2008 were very active with major storms Rita, Katrina and Ike wreaking havoc on Louisiana.

Fortunately Volumnia Farm in Terrebonne Parish (which lies in the coastal part of the state) had been spared a direct hit and most of the devastation occurred in the Western and Eastern portions of the State.

During my lifetime, 1940 to the present, I have seen the sea level rise 2 feet in the bayous and canals on the farm and I realized we had been lucky not to suffer a direct hit from a hurricane and how vulnerable we were to being wiped out by hurricanes.

Senator Reggie Dupre and Representative Gordy Dove were trying to get a hurricane protection levee and locks that would protect Terrebonne but the cost was escalating and approaching a billion dollars. I didn’t think it would be funded. It seemed that it was only a matter of time before we would have to relocate farther North.

In 2008 the U. S. housing market collapsed, causing timber land prices to go down, and the economy was in a recession; an ideal time to buy the Twin Creek Farm near Montgomery, Louisiana.

The Twin Creek Tree Farm is a pine tree farm located in Winn Parish, LA, about 4 miles north of Montgomery, LA  between two creeks, The Nantachie Creek and The Campground Creek. It has an above mean sea level elevation of 150 feet, compared to Volumnia Farm that has an elevation of 10 feet above MSL.

While the hurricane protection levee and locks (called the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection Project) have since been funded, and will give Terrebonne Parish a little more protection from hurricanes and sea level rise, this is only a short term solution, giving time to hopefully find a solution to global warming and sea level rise.