Farm stories

by Wilson J. Gaidry, III

Human events are moments in time that exist in the memories of our minds and in the physical reminders that we create. I was fortunate to live in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, at a time when the Acadian French culture still dominated the lifestyle of the proud Cajun people of French heritage in South Louisiana.

Writing of my participation in most of the activities that are prominent in the Cajun way of life will help understand and preserve history of Terrebonne Parish from 1940 to present

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1. Residence Dairy
2. Wild horses
3. The war years
4. Carencro bayou
5. The alligators
6. The 1928 Chevrolet truck
7. The 1962
Ford truck
8. Le Traiteur
9. Disciples
of Percy Viosca
10. Grandfather's cypress swamp
11. Jim Jack
the cot driver
12. Campti:
then and now
13. Mr. Pros