11. Right to fish

Saving the Shrimp

There is a distinct difference in the perception of the rights of the citizens to participate in the harvest of marine fisheries […]

9. Private fisheries

Private fisheries

The Agencies and Institutions (A&I) needed the support of the shrimp processing factories and shrimp distribution companies and the shrimp fishermen to […]

8. Over capitalization

Over capitalization

The Federal Government, the processing plants and the lending institutions were encouraging more and more fishermen to build bigger and bigger boats, […]

7. The low pressure

The low pressure

Four Daughters It was in August of 1981, I was captain of the Four Daughters; we were trawling shrimp with the Four […]

6. Four daughters

Four daughters

In the late 1970’s I was making good, shrimping with the Captain Atlas in the summer and fall, fur trapping in the […]

5. The steel hulls

The steel hulls

In the 1960’s, 1970’s and increasingly so in the 1980’s, the agencies in the federal government associated with the Gulf shrimp fishery […]

4. The Captain Atlas

The Captain Atlas

The Captain Atlas One of the hardest working, ingenious men that I have ever known was Atlas Lovell. Atlas was a small […]

3. Bayou du Large

Bayou du Large

When I first went to Bayou du Large I was amazed to find the people speaking with an accent of Old England […]

2. Fourpoint


During the summer months in the early 1950’s I trawled out of Fourpoint in Terrebonne Parish with the first boat I owned, […]