13. Mr. Pros

Cypress tree Prosper Vauclin was born in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana in 1906, at a time when the South, especially South Louisiana, was […]

12. Campti: then and now

Campti Main Street During the summers of the 1940’s I would spend several weeks in Campti, Louisiana, about 10 miles north of […]

11. Jim Jack the cot driver

Jim Jack Occasionally in the numbers of men one person will stand out representing a trait or character. Such was Jim Jack. […]

9. Disciples of Percy Viosca

Percy Viosca Percy Viosca Jr. was one of the first native born Louisiana naturalists and was considered the father of the wildlife […]

8. Le Traiteur

(The witch doctor) At the end of what is now Trevor Ct. in Houma, was the little three room shotgun house of […]

7. The 1962 Ford truck

In 1962 I had planted three hundred pounds of seed potatoes on the newly cleared property on the Coteau Road near the […]

6. The 1928 Chevrolet truck

I recently restored a 1928 truck that had been on Volumnia Farm since purchased in 1928. The 1928 Chevrolet truck This truck […]

5. The alligators

In the mid 1980’s animal fur became unfashionable and the fur prices dropped; many fur dealers and fur trappers were put out […]

4. Carencro bayou

Carencro, 1988 – Drying nutria hides There was something about the marsh that drew the Cajun people, that pulled on their very […]